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This little Pastel Cow is jumping for joy! (1/5)


Featuring decorative patterns, fluorescent details and specially selected stamps to match the colour palette. 


Welcome to the world of Electric Dreams. A shiny, sparkling neon and pastel paradise featuring diamond bugs & gilded beetles, a herd of rainbow coloured animals & mystical creatures. Inspired by urban street art walls - full of texture & pattern and layered with graffiti style writing, popping colours & tiny hidden details. 


ARTWORK SIZE: 37cm x 30cm 

MEDIUM: Aerosol, Acrylic & Postage Stamps on 2mm Wood


Framing options are available for additional cost, if you would like to discuss options and arrange framing please contact the artist via the contact form. This can be arranged before or after purchase.


Shipping costs are built into the price

Cute Cow Teal Original

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