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Inuka Creative Artist

About the Artist

The artist known as Inuka (Born Tegan Metters) was born and raised just outside of London in the UK. 

Inuka first took steps into the creative world undertaking an internship at a London fashion photography studio. After getting to grips with a camera she then left the UK solo in 2016 with just a DSLR camera and a 25kg backpack she headed to Melbourne embarking on what would turn into a 3 year journey across 11 countries.


Capturing the adventure on her Canon 450D it sparked a deep desire to create visual art. Inspired by the diversity of artistic styles throughout each country - the art and those creating it became her focus. This journey laid the foundations of her own creative exploration – a door she couldn’t possibly close when she came home to lay roots.


Returning home Inuka immersed herself in the street art and graffiti world in London. Photographing the ever-changing canvases of Shoreditch, Hackney and Camden, picking up a can and heading to Leake Street finding a flow with aerosol and starting her own collection of limited artworks from her favourite artists.


Still looking for jobs in photography - an unexpected opportunity fell at her feet. Inuka found a job at an art studio training under an up and coming Pop-Maximalist artist.

Creating art came naturally to her andin this Inuka found peace and purpose.

'Inuka Creative' was born at the start of 2020. Represented by one of the UKs leading art publishing houses from 2020 – 2023, Inuka took the leap to set out independently at the start of 2024 – with the dream to reach new creative heights with complete creative freedom.

“I feel strongly art should be an expression of freedom and joy, a chance to get messy and think outside the box. I create art in the moment, with the importance of colour palettes and composition at the front of my mind. I want to try everything I see; I don’t want to fit into one style or one genre. Some days I feel inspired by beautiful vintage books, posters or magazines and on others I’m drawn to loud maximalist street art walls.

I love contrast – opulent gilds next to bright fluorescent sprays, free flowing drips next to clean graphic lines, classy art deco print patterns underneath pop culture references. I feel so inspired when I go treasure hunting at a car boot sale, clothes shopping on brick lane, when creating concepts during a photoshoot or editing the colour tones on my photos. I am influenced by everything visual, to me, everything we see is art in its own way.


I want to impart what I have learnt - I want to exist in an industry where we grow and learn together with less gatekeeping and more exploration and collaboration. One day I want to have a studio where I can provide workshops, art therapy and space for other artists to take another step in their journey. I have big dreams and I am excited to watch them unfurl. The world needs art, as an outlet, a form of adornment, a form of expression and a way to form community”

A word from the artist

Pop Palette Collection
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